Uproot Racism in Healthcare


About this campaign

Racial disparities in reproductive health are not limited to birth and maternal outcomes. For example, Black women and other women of color experience documented delays in diagnosis and treatment for serious conditions including endometriosis and reproductive cancers. Women of color, especially those in prisons and detention centers, have been targeted for sterilization procedures with inadequate informed consent, some while also not being given gynecological care that they urgently needed. 

The Uprooting Racism in Healthcare campaign will continue to apply the framework of reproductive justice when looking at issues like sterilization, queer and trans access, maternal mortality, and infant mortality that impacts our communities. We must and will continue to look at reproductive healthcare through an intersectional lens, centering on those who are already pushed to the margins in our society.


To ensure that people of color, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, and young people in our state are receiving the most comprehensive and culturally sensitive care possible using a reproductive justice framework.


Everyone should have access to medically accurate information about access to reproductive health care, including abortion, gynecological care, and sex education.


Maternal mortality nationwide and especially in GA is a crisis and it’s exacerbated by racial bias among healthcare providers; causes Black women not to be listened to when they express something is wrong.

Georgia Detention Centers violate human rights and reproductive justice, including through coercive medical treatment.

  • Right to have children: 28 miscarriages reported in a year, but many more are not reported; shackling and poor maternity care.
  • Right not to have children: Anti-abortion “counseling” and officials trying to deny the right to access abortion.
  • Right to parent the children we have in safe & sustainable communities: People are denied the right to be with their families. Children being separated and placed in the foster system and adoption processes coercively.
  • Health and bodily autonomy: Not receiving care for cancer, developing illness, and infection from receiving only soiled garments.


In GA, Black women are 3-4x more at risk than White women (and it’s 6x the rate of White Women nationally).


GA is 50th in the nation for maternal mortality, and 60% of maternal deaths are preventable. 


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