Georgia Reproductive Justice Agenda

What is the Georgia Reproductive Justice Agenda?

The Georgia Reproductive Justice Agenda is a living document reflecting the policy changes we need in our state. Throughout 2020, over three dozen organizations convened to develop a slate of shared reproductive health, rights, and justice goals to guide our proactive state policy efforts for the year. This agenda will become a multi-year effort and evolve over time; it includes longer-term goals that keep us going, as well as emerging possibilities and changes we think can be won right now. Some of these goals have sparked issue campaigns that Amplify helps incubate with our partners who lead them.  


Here are the issue campaigns for which Amplify serves as an incubator space: 

Endorsed campaigns

In addition to incubating campaigns under the leadership of Amplify’s partners, we also extend support to other efforts aligned with our vision of reproductive justice in Georgia. These campaigns are led by allied organizations beyond the Amplify collaborative, and we endorse them because their goals are part of our RJ Agenda for proactive change, too.

Expanding Healthcare Access for People Who Give Birth

Georgia has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the U.S., and Black mamas are at three times greater risk than their white counterparts. Many of these deaths happen up to a year after giving birth, but Medicaid eligibility expires after only six months. 

Medicaid coverage for a full 12 months after giving birth (the postpartum year) was the #1 recommendation of the Georgia legislature’s official study committee to address our maternal mortality crisis. After successfully advocating to extend it from a mere two months to six months in 2020, we want to finish the job in 2022 and fight for Medicaid coverage for the full postpartum year.

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Sign the petition to demand an investigation into the use of deceptive practices and to defund fake clinics.

Learn about how fake clinics, or “crisis pregnancy centers”, effect pregnant Georgians and taxpayers.