What is a Reproductive Justice Agenda for Georgia?

What is a

Reproductive Justice Agenda

for Georgia?

When people can make decisions that are best for their lives, they and their whole community are better able to thrive. Reproductive justice includes the human right to have a child, not have a child, raise our children in safe and sustainable environments, and to have personal bodily autonomy (learn more from SisterSong). Realizing reproductive justice inherently requires racial, gender, and economic justice as well.

Here’s how we’re achieving reproductive justice in Georgia:

Are you as excited about the agenda as we are?! Here's what you can do:

1. Sign on to the Agenda. If the campaigns that are listed in our agenda lines up with your values & beliefs, complete the form, either as an individual or an organization, and stay tuned!
2. Get Involved with Our Campaigns. Get connected with campaign organizers to learn how you can play a role!

AMPLIFY Campaigns

At AMPLIFY, one of our core values is collaboration. We convened with local reproductive justice organizations to develop a shared reproductive justice strategy that consists of collaborative campaigns addressing the issues that are essential to creating a Georgia where everyone not just survives, but thrives. Take a look at the campaigns we are bringing to life, led by our fantastic partner organizations, to defend reproductive freedom.

Protecting Reproductive Autonomy

Feminist Women's Health Center, carafem, Women Engaged

Birth control and abortion are legal rights in Georgia, but we are still far from having full, equal access to those rights, due to many harmful and medically unnecessary restrictions on care. It is time for Georgia to step up and ensure that everyone who needs reproductive care is able to access it with dignity and respect. 

By passing bills to protect reproductive autonomy, Georgia can remove these barriers to care; secure a future that makes our basic rights more real; and respect decision-making throughout pregnancy.

Stopping Shady "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW, URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, New Georgia Project

We all need high-quality health information and respect for our personal decision making. 

Some organizations that oppose abortion rely on manipulation and lies to prevent pregnant people from making their own decisions. They open establishments that pretend to be clinics and draw people in with offers of free support (for example: “Pregnant? Scared? We can help”). Then, they give inaccurate information and poor imitations of real healthcare to delay or scare people from seeking abortions. And in Georgia, they are using public funds to do so. 

We intend to stop these shady tactics and put an end to government-funded anti-abortion lies. 

Uprooting Racism from Gynecology Care

SisterSong, SisterLove, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, 9to5

Racial disparities in reproductive health are not limited to birth and maternal outcomes. 

For example, Black women and other women of color experience documented delays in diagnosis and treatment for serious conditions including endometriosis and reproductive cancers. Women of color, especially those in prisons and detention centers, have been targeted for sterilization procedures with inadequate informed consent, some while also not being given gynecological care that they urgently needed. 

We are surveying patients and providers to learn about our community’s experiences and target their most pressing concerns.

Want to Get Involved with our Campaigns?

Connect with a campaign organizer to learn what you can do to take action!

Want to Get Involved with our Campaigns?

Connect with a campaign organizer to learn what you can do to take action!

Want to Get Involved with our Campaigns?

Connect with a campaign organizer to learn what you can do to take action!

Allied Initiatives

We believe in lifting up proactive initiatives that are working hard to advance reproductive justice in the South. We feel that it is important to extend support to organizations whose values align with ours and to amplify these initiatives for all to get involved in the fight for liberation. 

Expanding Healthcare Access for People Who Give Birth

Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Alliance of GA, YWCA of Atlanta, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates, Center for Reproductive Rights, ACLU of GA

Georgia has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the U.S., and Black mamas are at three times greater risk than their white counterparts. Many of these deaths happen up to a year after giving birth, but Medicaid eligibility expires after only six months. 

Medicaid coverage for a full 12 months after giving birth (the postpartum year) was the #1 recommendation of the Georgia legislature’s official study committee to address our maternal mortality crisis. After successfully advocating to extend it from a mere two months to six months in 2020, we are back to finish the job in 2021 and fight for fully-funded Medicaid coverage for the full postpartum year. 

Funding decisions start early in the legislative year, so lawmakers need to hear from us all that this is a budget priority.

Intersecting Issues

Reproductive justice is expansive, intersectional, and works toward a vision of a liberated future where all people have the power and resources to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

The struggle for that future can include many issues and partners, such as economic justice, voting rights, gender justice and ending state-sanctioned violence. AMPLIFY often supports or partners with allied organizations from across social justice issues recognizing their struggles are directly tied to ours. We will only win liberation by working together.

Stay tuned for campaigns and policies that are advancing this work.

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