What We Do

We work with community, other social justice organizations, healthcare providers and decision makers to bring issues around abortion access and reproductive justice to the forefront


We’re committed to building power in Georgia cities for communities to stand up and advocate for their needs. We hold community conversations, health fairs and events to bring folks together to discuss, share their stories, and learn from one another.


We educate city council members, comissioners, state legislators, and other decision-makers on what is needed to protect access to reproductive care for Georgians and shed light on how abortion access, specifically, is under attack. Following the lead of community, we envision creative solutions and advocate for innovative action.

Culture Shift & Education

We believe it’s important to push back on the misinformation and misogyny that has riddled the way we talk about women, queer and trans folks’ bodies, lives, and reproductive choices. That’s why we work to change the narrative by amplifying the experiences of communities of color and sharing our stories with the media and decision-makers, so we can shift misguided and harmful narratives. Abortion is OK!