The city too busy to hate is a critical hub of abortion providers in the south. We need to support providers as they support our community’s access to safe abortion care. Side by side, Amplify Atlanta seeks to accomplish three primary goals. 

Reproductive Justice Commission 

We are demanding the creation of a Reproductive Justice Commission (RJC). The RJC would have long-term oversight of municipal decisions and the right to give policy and programmatic recommendations to address and remove barriers to reproductive care, contraception, and abortion services in Atlanta. This commission would be comprised of abortion providers, advocates and concerned stakeholders. 

Decriminalization of Self-Managed Abortion

Self-Managed Abortion (SMA) is when someone decides to perform their own abortion outside of a clinical setting. Reasons behind this kind of abortion care vary, and we want to support each individual in their right to manage their abortion in a setting and manner of their choice. We seek to decriminalize SMAs in Atlanta to expand and protect whole abortion access in light of recent state level attacks.

City Abortion Fund

The average cost of an abortion in Georgia is $500. Georgia’s minimum wage is $5.15 an hour; at this wage someone seeking an abortion would need to work 97 hours to afford care. This doesn’t take into account time missed from work, recovery time, or even travel expenses. Seeking an abortion in Georgia shouldn’t be stressful. By working with community members and city council we seek to have the City of Atlanta provide funding to Access Reproductive Care Southeast, a regional abortion fund located in Atlanta. ARC-SE alleviates many of the barriers people face while seeking abortions by providing financial support, transportation, lodging, and even childcare to ensure people have access to full spectrum abortion care in the south.