About this campaign

Atlanta is a critical hub of abortion providers in the south. People of all backgrounds cross county and state lines to access abortion care within Atlanta’s city limits. This campaign prioritizes furthering a reproductive justice agenda and expanding abortion access within the city through local policy change and community education.


Amplify’s Atlanta campaign seeks to grow and harness municipal power to expand access to safe, dignified, and affordable abortion care. With leadership from our partners at SisterSong, we also work to support our local abortion providers and educate community members about the importance of reproductive justice policy at the local level.


In the face of state-level attacks on abortion access in Georgia and across the country, Amplify envisions an Atlanta where where self-managed abortion is decriminalized, anti-abortion centers are restricted, and city funding is allocated toward abortion care for those who need it most. Additionally, we know that Atlanta can support Reproductive Justice initiatives in many ways, such as implementing comprehensive sexual education curricula, investing in menstrual equity, and passing clinic safety ordinances.


Nov 2019

In November 2019 The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved the creation of the Atlanta Reproductive Justice Commission. This is the nation’s first RJ commission.


There are 5 clinics providing abortion care in the city of Atlanta


There are 8 anti-abortion pregnancy centers in the city of Atlanta

Sign the petition to demand an investigation into the use of deceptive practices and to defund fake clinics.

Learn about how fake clinics, or “crisis pregnancy centers”, effect pregnant Georgians and taxpayers.