We are about a year into the global pandemic that took hundreds of thousands of lives. On top of this collective trauma, we have had to process the horrors of police brutality, forced sterilization of detained women, prioritization of profit over people, racialized misogyny, and rampant voter suppression in Georgia. 

WE DESERVE BETTER. We know this, and we will FIGHT for the liberation we DESERVE. 

Read our revamped statement, Peaches Against White Supremacist Violence to see the connection between the fight for abortion access reproductive justice, racial justice, and gender equity.

After checking out our statement, see how you can support and show solidarity with the AAPI community in Georgia:

Sign the petition to demand an investigation into the use of deceptive practices and to defund fake clinics.

Learn about how fake clinics, or “crisis pregnancy centers”, effect pregnant Georgians and taxpayers.