The Reproductive Freedom Act


About this campaign

The Reproductive Freedom Act campaign is using organizing and advocacy to advance policy that repeals Georgia’s medically-unnecessary abortion restrictions and makes abortion care accessible to everyone who needs it.


To educate Georgians on the political reasons for all the barriers we face in accessing abortion care, and to build community power that compels the Georgia General Assembly to pass laws that liberate abortion access, making safe abortions accessible for everyone in the state who needs them.


Everyone has the right to decide if they will carry a pregnancy to term or have an abortion. That decision should be met with support and resources, never barriers or shame. Abortion should be easy to access, no matter how much money you make, where you live, or your age, race, immigration status, or gender identity. 

When a person decides to have an abortion, they should have access to timely, safe, legal, and affordable abortion care without having to fear shame, stigma, punishment, or systemic violence. 

But Georgia has passed a host of medically-unnecessary, politically motivated laws that restrict abortion access and fall hardest on those of us who already deal with discriminatory barriers to healthcare—Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; immigrants, women, queer and trans folks, and young people; rural Georgians and people working to make ends meet.


1 in 4

1 in 4 women will have an abortion by age 45. 


60% of people having an abortion are already parents of one or more children.


Most Americans do not want more abortion restrictions—including 70% of Georgia voters.

Yet, since 2005, Georgia politicians have passed 13 new medically-unnecessary and politically-motivated abortion restrictions, like required waiting periods, insurance coverage restrictions, and a near-total abortion ban, creating a web of barriers that push safe and affordable abortion care out of reach.


There are only 15 clinics that provide abortions in Georgia.  95% of Georgia’s counties (over 150 out of 159) do not have an abortion clinic, forcing most Georgians to travel a significant distance to an abortion provider. For rural Georgians, this can mean driving hours each way just to access the care they need.



Get directly involved with the Reproductive Freedom Act campaign by connecting with a campaign organizer.

Contact your state legislators and tell them you want Georgia to protect and expand abortion access, because 70% of Georgians do not want more abortion restrictions. Share your personal reasons or stories if you can.

Get more information and action steps at Georgia’s abortion information hub.