The South does not own White Supremacy.

The South was the capital of slavery, but the entire U.S. economy and society were complicit on the exploitation of Black bodies, which continues to be true to this day.

The South is the epicenter for revolution in the United States, the incubator of transformative movements, and the home of abolition.

In the South, we are not victims—we are survivors who will no longer wait for change. We are actively fighting to destroy the existing white supremacist systems and rebuild a world where Black, Indigenous, and Brown families and communities can thrive.

AMPLIFY is proud to do work grounded in reproductive justice, a framework developed by Black womxn and rooted in the South. This work is only possible because of the leadership of the Black, Southern revolutionaries that came before us. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and all those fighting White Supremacy across the country and the world. We are angry that Breonna Taylor has been denied justice once again, and we will continue to fight for all those who have been brutalized by police.

Thank you Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson for lifting this up.

Help Breonna’s Louisville Heal:

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