Someone You Love Is Going To Need An Abortion

Today the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, reversing almost 50 years of precedent. This decision gives states the ability to legalize or criminalize abortion care and will likely result in 26 states severely restricting and, in some cases, outright banning abortion care.

Enough is enough.

We deserve to make decisions about our bodies and our families. Freedom in our reproductive lives is key to our liberation and maintaining control of our futures.

This attack on abortion is another example of people in power trying to set limits on our future, our freedom, and our families. It  will also disproportionately affect people of color who experience legacies of institutional racism that already create barriers to accessing care. Lack of access to abortion care pushes already vulnerable communities like this further into poverty. 

We recognize that this decision is about more than abortion access; it’s also about our dignity and ability to live life on our own terms. It is no coincidence that the same people trying to limit our reproductive freedom, are also the people who promote anti-trans legislation, dismantle our social safety net , support restrictive voting laws, and feed the school-to-prison pipeline. This latest decision only serves as a continuation of ongoing violence against Black communities, people of color, gender-expansive people, and people living with low-incomes.

Today, abortion is still legal up to 20 weeks in Georgia. We are going to continue to help folks get the care they need, no matter the restrictions. We should be setting the policies and building the systems that impact our lives.

Someone you love is going to need an abortion. It is time to show up and show out for abortion access and for each other. We are the majority and we are outraged. Let us capture this energy and use it to control our own destinies.

Our oppression is interconnected, so our efforts must be combined. When we come together, we have the power to create the world we want to see. Abortion is still legal in Georgia! Join us to continue protecting and expanding abortion access for all Georgians who need care.


Access Reproductive Care – Southeast
Amplify Georgia Collaborative
Athens Reproductive Justice Collective
Feminist Women’s Health Center
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
New Georgia Project
SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW

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