AMPLIFY Georgia is committed to ensuring that every person has access to the reproductive health options that best fit their lives, needs, and families. To this end, we are launching a new blog series that uplifts the sacredness of choice—how free will is an integral part of living a faith-filled life and how both of those things speak to the heart of reproductive justice: the #GodisProChoiceAndSoAmI (GIPC) blog series. 

If you are a faith leader or person of faith who cares deeply about the whole lives of people—if you understand that you must work to declare the good news of liberation to the poor, the captive, the sick, and the otherwise oppressed, it is our hope that you will join AMPLIFY in protecting choice. Share your voice to let our supporters know that there is an intersection between religion, bodily autonomy, and reproductive justice.

This campaign is led by AMPLIFY Project Coordinator Rev. Kenyetta Chinwe of SisterSong.