"If is pro-choice, then so am I."

A Faith & Reproductive Justice Blog

This blog series features clergy and people of faith digging into the idea of choice and how God’s love upholds and affirms our free will and ability to choose. If you are inspired to share your own story, contribute here.

Living at the intersection of Faith and RJ

In early September, I sat down with Just Texas to talk about the work I do at the intersection of Reproductive Justice and Faith on their podcast, At the Edge of the Ledge. We talked about how the intersections at which I live inform the work that I do. We

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A Just World: A Moral Mandate

This second decade in this new millennium finds us on the precipice of significant change. We are poised to move into a future that can either be the greatest in human history or our biggest regret. The decisive factors lie in how we choose not only to deal with our

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If God is Pro-Choice, then so am I.

“Jewish law commands us to choose life when contemplating abortion. That is, choose the life of the mother.“ STEPH BLACK I grew up in a Christian faith tradition, one rooted in many of the old testament scriptures. One of the first lessons I learned as a young child coming up

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