"If God Allah Hashem is pro-choice, then so am I."

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This blog series features clergy and people of faith digging into the idea of choice and how God’s love upholds and affirms our free will and ability to choose. If you are inspired to share your own story, contribute here.

Pro-choice protesters stand in front of the Texas State capitol with their right fist up in the air, and some of them were a white t-shirt with orange text that says, "Bans Off Our Bodies."

The God of Exodus Would Smash TX SB-8

When viewed through a labor lens, the new Texas abortion law looks a lot like Pharaoh’s oppression of Israel, which was unacceptable to God. Righteous cries for liberation from layers of labor domination and exploitation must be heard and acted upon. The same Texans who pushed for and support SB8

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Believe Her

She was only 16. Her eyes looked desperate for a resolve. It was the week before Thanksgiving of 2010. Her mother dragged her into the clinic, nearly forcing the abortion to happen right then and there. It was the first, and only, time in my role as a counselor, I

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Mary’s Friday of Sorrow and Strength: A Good Friday Reflection

Good Friday in African American Protestant tradition often brings us services that are shaped around the believed seven last sayings of Jesus according to the accepted biblical canon. On this Good Friday, I am reminded of the third saying, “Woman, behold your son. Son, behold your mother.” ~John 19:26-27It is

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Black woman at a protest carrying a sign with the text, "Voter suppression is violence."

Georgia: Ground Zero for Voter Suppression & Maternal Mortality.

Georgia is not only ground zero for voter suppression, but it is also ground zero for an enduring healthcare crisis that disproportionately affects Black women—maternal mortality. While Senate and House Republicans in Georgia continue to devise new schemes to suppress access to the ballot box, Black women continue to be

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Living at the intersection of Faith and RJ

In early September, I sat down with Just Texas to talk about the work I do at the intersection of Reproductive Justice and Faith on their podcast, At the Edge of the Ledge. We talked about how the intersections at which I live inform the work that I do. We

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A Just World: A Moral Mandate

This second decade in this new millennium finds us on the precipice of significant change. We are poised to move into a future that can either be the greatest in human history or our biggest regret. The decisive factors lie in how we choose not only to deal with our

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