Don’t Be Afraid

“Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” ~ John 14:27 KJV These words came to me as comfort last night as I processed the news that […]

Newsweek – Letter to the Editor

Recently, Demetrius Minor wrote an article in Newsweek titled “Black Americans Are Deeply Ambivalent About Abortion” in which he, a Black man, used his personal story of adoption and misrepresented […]

The God of Exodus Would Smash TX SB-8

Pro-choice protesters stand in front of the Texas State capitol with their right fist up in the air, and some of them were a white t-shirt with orange text that says, "Bans Off Our Bodies."

When viewed through a labor lens, the new Texas abortion law looks a lot like Pharaoh’s oppression of Israel, which was unacceptable to God. Righteous cries for liberation from layers […]

Believe Her

She was only 16. Her eyes looked desperate for a resolve. It was the week before Thanksgiving of 2010. Her mother dragged her into the clinic, nearly forcing the abortion […]