AMPLIFY Clarkston

Clarkston is the most diverse square mile in America. We want to empower all residents to understand their power in diversity and how we can move forward to a more free Georgia, complete with full spectrum abortion and reproductive care.

Reproductive Justice Commission 

We are demanding the creation for a Reproductive Justice Commission (RJC). The RJC would have long-term oversight of municipal decisions and the right to give policy recommendations to address and remove barriers to reproductive care, contraception, and abortion services in Clarkston. This commission would be comprised of abortion providers, advocates and concerned stakeholders.

Working with Refugee Organizations and Direct Service Providers

Amplify GA looks forward to partnering with and supporting organizations that offer assistance to refugee communities. During this work we will push for connections between refugee organizations and direct service providers. We want all people in Atlanta to have access to fair and safe reproductive and abortion care.

Working with Interfaith Communities

Working with just one faith community is not enough. Clarkston is a diverse community that offers many religions and spiritualities a place to live and worship; and with our collaborative efforts, a place to thrive. 

We provide the space for both listening to interfaith leaders and educating them on the obstacles facing our community. By doing this we hope to counter the culture of stigma surrounding pleasure, our bodies and abortion and see more faith spaces that are whole sources of support.